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Too Many Characters

What happens when you have too many characters in your book? This is what happened to me, in the third book in the Spring Street Quilters series. The first book started with 7 main characters – the quilters. And then … Continue reading

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Some Amazing Discoveries

I can hardly believe what I’m finding. I’m taking the advice of a VERY successful author and writing coach on selling more Kindle books. One piece of advice is getting the correct keywords. Optimally an author wants their book to show … Continue reading

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Creativity Booklet

Last spring I started on the subject of Creativity. I started writing an eBook on the subject and then something happened and it got buried under a pile of something. I honestly forgot about it. Then, in an attempt to … Continue reading

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I’m Lost in My Own Book!

One of the troubles I’m having in finishing this last book of the Spring Street Quilters series is – I keep getting lost. I can’t remember which parts were lost in The 10,000 Word Incident, and which parts remain. I’ve … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek – Excerpt from Book 3

“Stop ringing the bell, why are you ringing that bell?” Martha asked Gert, but it wasn’t Gert, it was kind of like Gert dressed up in overalls with a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Not Gert just smiled and … Continue reading

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A New Year and new opportunities

I don’t know about you, but the November to January holidays wiped me out. In more ways than one! Yup, my checkbook is dangerously low. My energy level is hovering on the empty side and my desire to do anything … Continue reading

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