A New Year and new opportunities

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I don’t know about you, but the November to January holidays wiped me out. In more ways than one! Yup, my checkbook is dangerously low. My energy level is hovering on the empty side and my desire to do anything at all has burned out.

But tomorrow brings us back to the daily grind and I must follow. School begins, we’re all back to work and back to our regular days.

One thing that always hovers on the edge of my guilt cloud is my blog. I love to start blogs, they are so much fun to set up and play with. But then, like a toddler with a new toy, I lose interest and eventually forget about it. I’m closing in on my 60 year mark (gulp and sputter) so I’ve decided to be a grown up about this blog and take care of it like it’s my best friend. You might as well watch and see what happens.

I am currently working on my third book in the Spring Street Quilters series. This series began about 12 years ago when I decided to start a newsletter for my website on quilting. I thought a little story about quilters would be fun. It was totally fun – 330 pages later! But the story didn’t end, so I wrote a second book which only left more questions and begged the need for a third.

During the writing of this third book, much has happened in my personal life. So much that it has delayed it’s finish and release by almost 2-3 years. I’ve lost count. As of today, I’m very close to 30,000 words written and only about 50,000 left to write. But I have to say, it’s good stuff! Things are happening that I never planned. My characters are a stubborn bunch and will have their own way.

However. I saw all that to say – getting back into a regular routine is good for me. I can get back to my rut and I now have the opportunity to finish this book. Life seems settled somewhat, much more than before, so before anything else happens – I’m going to finish the book.

I have to, I have another book nicely planned out that I’d like to start. I also have about 3 non-fiction books in various stages that need to be finished and published. Get out the planner! It’s here somewhere, under a pile of something … I wish I was more organized, if I can find my planner, perhaps I will be.


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