Bet you didn’t know what your seam ripper could do!

IMG_1604I’m 56 years old and have been sewing since I was 9 yrs old. Believe me, I’ve used a seam ripper PLENTY of times. And what I’m about to share with you – I did not know. Sometimes we just see things and don’t question them – oh the little red ball? It’s just how they make seam rippers. Ha!

Click here to watch a very quick little video that will literally change your seam ripping life! 

Now how do you feel? Liberated? Kinda dumb like ‘why didn’t I think of that’? or did you know it all along and wonder what the fuss is about? You could have told us!

I watched that and my mouth fell open. A bird coulda flown in. Really? When I think of all the time I’ve spent with my little seam ripper friend – well, I could be years ahead. That’s all I can say.

Happy Ripping!




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