Can I get a blog do-over?

I’ve had the hardest time finding focus for this blog. You may have noticed. It’s all over the place. Well, it’s time to focus.

I write. I edit. I do technical writing like – patterns for quilts or anything else you might need a pattern for. So, why isn’t my blog centered around that? Because I can be scatterbrained at times.

So – here’s the plan. I’m focusing this blog on writing and editing. That’s what I do in my job. It’s what I’m going to school for – doesn’t it follow my blog should be about those things?

Doesn’t mean I don’t love to sew and do all the things previous to this post – but those are hobbies. Writing and editing is serious work and something I love to talk about.

So, for all three people who read this very neglected blog, things are gonna be changing. I’ll be building a portfolio of my writing and editing. My posts will be centered around that. When that is complete, I’ll also put up a Hire Me page. And I’ll be changing all the sidebar links, especially considering most of them don’t work anymore anyway. Yes, I said that.

You know what I love to find? Typos and bloopers. I also love to share them. Makes me feel smart. 🙂 And SO embarrassed when they show up in my posts!

I’ll be back!


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