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Building Blogs

Where have I been? Off building blogs! I’m serious, since the last time I blogged here until today, I’ve set up and am working 3 more blogs. “Karen, what are ya thinkin’? You can’t even keep up with this one!” … Continue reading

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Writing Ideas – Part 2

Last week we talked about where and how to get ideas for writing. I can walk around for days with ideas bursting from my brain, but as soon as I sit down in front of a white, blank piece of … Continue reading

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Where Can I Find Ideas? Part 1

I get asked about this a lot. Where do you get ideas? Ideas are everywhere, we just have to be aware of them. Every time I see an interesting person, my mind starts revving up and suddenly I’ve got an … Continue reading

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Now you can Follow!

If you saw Pearl’s comment about following, I finally figured it out. When you land on my blog, after a few seconds you’ll see a small, gray rectangle pop-up on the bottom right of the screen and it says “Follow”. … Continue reading

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Progress on the last Spring Street Quilters Book (and a secret)

It’s finally happening! I’m finishing the book. Right now I’m in the midst of nicely wrapping up story lines and tying them in a lovely bow. I don’t want to finish¬†the third book in a rush with something dumb like, … Continue reading

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My Most Hated Word in Writing

As an editor, I have my most loved words and my most hated words. Today, I’ll talk about my most hated word. Just one of them, the one at the top of my list. Are you ready? That. Yes –¬†that. … Continue reading

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How They Make Pencils

As a writer you’d think I would go through pencils like Dorito’s. Nope. I write on my keyboard. And if I do write ‘by hand’ I like to use a nice pen. However, I am fascinated by how things are … Continue reading

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