Craft show #2 is history

The 4th of July weekend was anything but restful – it was a craft show weekend. It’s work. And it was during the heat wave and it was not much fun at all, except in the early morning. Here is my booth and then a picture of the view from my booth –




As always (so far) a beautiful view. The nicest thing about this show –  we live less than a mile from it 🙂

Sales were good, better than Show #1 and so we are encouraged to do more shows. But this time, we are going to spend effort and some money on some nice display pieces and if we do another outside show, a better quality canopy. Unless something else comes up, the next show is in November in Redding. I have a good amount of time to put in some good stock.

It was a funny kind of show. It was Burney Basin Days and Saturday morning there was a parade. During the parade there were no customers. After the parade we were jam packed. And on Sunday we made more than we did on Saturday. In my experience it has always been the other way around.

Thinking that wool might be a hard sell in July, I added some other things. Jewelry, packaged up some craft supplies in organza bags, barrettes and some re-fashioned clothes and a few denim bags I made. I had good sales in every ‘category’. But the November show will be strictly yarn.

There was a large patch of sweet peas in front of our space, so I used the parade time to take some pictures.




Till next time –

Karen 🙂

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