Free-form Crochet

Have you seen this totally intriguing thing called free form crochet? I found some on Ravelry a while back and have been waiting for just the right opportunity to share it. Seems today is IT!

Some of them are works of art, some I’ve seen are clothing – whatever they are they are amazing.



Hyperbolic Disk with Red Rim 20″x18″X18″ acrylic with shaped line 2013 This is a hyperbolic plane, the most basic model. It is crocheted in one spiral, with an ever increasing number of stitches. I increase the color brightness the closer I get to the rim to emphasize it’s curvy nature. I included the link to her site because there are many more images well worth a field trip!


What a super idea for sprucing up an old sweater or shirt.

I wish I had time to explore one of these and make it myself. Well, I guess I am doing a sort of a free form blanket. I think that’s about as free form as I get!


What’s your favorite kind of crochet?


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