Free Patterns – 14,000 plus!

One thing the Internet has in abundance – at least for us crafty-type people – is free patterns. Yes, there are zillions that cost money as well and they are worth every penny. As a quilt designer, I know how much work goes into designing a quilt and writing a pattern. But I still love a freebie 🙂

Today I’m going to concentrate on Craftsy. This is truly a crafters/artists/DIYer’s paradise.  Patterns, classes, materials, articles … and many of them free. Yes, classes too.

But I want to give you some numbers first –

My personal numbers – 

I’ve downloaded 42 patterns from Craftsy. 

I’m enrolled in 32 classes. 

There are 107,258 patterns from Indie Designers online, ready to be downloaded.

More than 700 classes.

42 FREE mini-classes

14,083 FREE patterns  from sewing, knitting, painting, cooking etc etc (I did notice a few patterns with prices, but hey – no search engine is perfect)

Yes, I do love Craftsy, it’s one of my favorite places to go online. And because I’ve never had anything but superb service from them I am part of their Affiliate Marketing Program. If you click on the links in this post, I could earn a little bit of money for it, but the price you will pay is never higher than the regular or sale price Craftsy offers to everyone. I will always be upfront about any affiliate marketing programs I’m involved in. Want to know more? Just ask me! 🙂


 How many classes are you enrolled in at Craftsy? How many have you completed? Which is your favorite?

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