Freebies Today!

I do love a Freebie, especially when it’s sewing based. Or knitting. 🙂 So, I’m searching the Internet – high and low – to find you some awesome Freebies. And for me too, cause,  I might want to make one of them!

  • Circle skirts are some of the cutest skirts ever, no matter what your size. And with just a little bit of math, you can make one for yourself with no pattern. This particular tutorial also has a handkerchief hem!
  • DIY Lavender Coconut Body Cream – I gotta say this sounds absolutely divine! And easy to make too. Want the best Lavender Essential Ever? Here it is! 
  • Blueberry Orange Sweet Rolls –  I don’t usually include ‘cooking’ things, but this just sounded SO good   did! 🙂
  • Make shoes for little feet or bigger feet! The site is in Portugeuse, but you can translate to English. She has so many pictures, I bet you don’t even need the text. Really cute stuff!

I think we could have some fun with these things. If you make anything share it with us on our FB page 

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What is your favorite Freebie? Did you find a favorite in this list?

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