Friday Five – My Favorite Books

Friday Five My Favorite BooksOut of the thousands (millions?) of books a person has read, how can we decide which is favorite? And why is it a favorite? What are the standards for labeling a book ‘Favored’? These are mine –

– I can remember passages from it. I can still see scenes from the story in my mind. Even if it has been decades since I’ve read it.

– Most of my favorite books are so because I love the story and the writing. Some books I read again just before I start to write because they inspire me.

– The standards? It should still be with me. (I’ve moved a few times in my 57 years.) I’ve bought multiple copies because I keep loaning it out. (And then moving.)

It’s probably a bit shabby from much use. Books should be well-loved, not museum pieces.

These are my five favorite books

  1. Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. If you have never read this, you need to click over to Amazon, or run to your local bookstore or the library and start reading this right away. It will keep you reading long into the night, and will change your perspective on some Christian things forever. (Not in a bad way.) Do you want to live for Christ? Read this book. I’m deliberately not telling you what it’s about because I don’t want to ruin it for you. Of course, you could Google it real quick and find out – but if you want the True experience, resist the urge and start reading it without knowing.
  1. From Sea to Shining Sea by James Alexander Thom. This is a hefty book, and one I’ve read many times. If you love history, you should be reading Thom. His books bring life to history and in this particular book you’ll be going along on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Haven’t you always wanted to be one of the members of the expedition? This is the next best thing.
  1. The Gresham Chronicles Books 1-3 by Lawana Blackwell. So, I’m cheating a little bit by putting 3 books in one slot. They have to be read together. Ms. Blackwell has a gift for creating loving, realistic characters. She doesn’t insult her readers by explaining their idiosyncrasies either, which I deeply appreciate. She lets us find them on our own. The cover may look like a ‘typical romance’ book, trust me, they are not. No bodice-rippers here.
  1. I, Saul by Jerry B. Jenkins I just read this book a few months ago, so how does it end up on my Favorite Five list? It’s that good! This is another book where I hate to divulge any information about it, because reading it is an experience. If you know what that experience is beforehand, it’s not quite as exhilarating. Just go for it!
  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Everyone should read at least one classic. I’ve read this book over and over, loving it more every time. Jane is one of the strong women of literature; she overcomes every obstacle and faces life head on. She has every reason to hate the life she has, but she chooses not to. So many things we can learn from her.

What are your favorite books?

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