Friday Five – Organizing for Writers

I’m the first to admit that I am not an organized person. But I love organizing things of all kinds. Do I want to go to the mall? No, I want to go to the office supply store! I love all the possibilities in there. Fresh, clean pages, paper in all colors and sizes, pens that glitter! Little tabs I can stick on the pages in my notebooks – Oh! Notebooks πŸ™‚ Every kind you’d ever want – paper covers, leather covers, ruled paper, grid paper, drawing paper – a girl could lose her head.

Coming back down to earth – the result of my love affair with the office supply store is that I have a lot of planners, notebooks and ‘things’ that I haven’t used.

But, I truly did need a practical planner. Something I’d stick to, and I could look at every day, enough room to make notes, record appointments, reminders and all that kind of stuff that makes my mind tired.

  • organizing for writersMy favorite planner (and I just purchased my second one) is found at Amazon for 9.99.Β It starts in July and I’m in the process of transitioning from last years, to this year. (I did smudge out some personal information.) And to make it more fun, I also purchased new markers and highlighters πŸ™‚ I could mark each day how many words I wrote.
  • A bulletin board. Yes, just a plain cork board. I’ve found it’s wonderful for keeping my total word count in view all the time. Especially when I have a deadline. Boring, isn’t it? But it gets the job done!

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  • organizing for writersA super find at Goodwill for just a few dollars. I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, but it holds files upright on a corner of my desk. This keeps things neat and tidy.
  • Why should I keep my pencils and scissors in a boring old can? I also found this at a thrift store. There are actually two of them, the other one holds art supplies at my other desk. Why do I count this as an organizing item? Well, for one thing, without it, my pencils and scissors would be all over the place! But the main reason is – it’s pretty.

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  • You see how low-tech this all is? And cheap? I mean, not expensive. πŸ™‚ I wanted it low priced in order to afford my Writer’s Notebook that I carry in my purse. I didn’t want a paper covered, cheap little thing. I wanted a Moleskine. Yup… they are not THAT expensive. Only when compared to a 59 cent wire bound. And I get to use those little tab thingies on it! Look how pretty –


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What are your favorite organizing items?

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