How They Make Pencils

As a writer you’d think I would go through pencils like Dorito’s. Nope. I write on my keyboard. And if I do write ‘by hand’ I like to use a nice pen.

However, I am fascinated by how things are made. I came across this video on YouTube this morning. Those machines just blow my mind. Who invents those? They are genius.

When I look around my office and see everything just on my desk alone and realize there is some machine that made a billion or so of these things, it really is staggering to me. The number of factories must be astronomical. Here’s a partial list of what’s on my desk –

A flashlight, scissors, knitting needles, vertical file organizer, paper clip, planner, lamp, Dymo printer, etc. etc. (I never claimed to be neat.) Oh and yes, there are some pencils in my pencil/pen/nail file/crochet hook/little scissors holder.

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