How to Write Quilt Patterns

If you want to be a quilt designer, you need to know how write good quilt patterns. I wrote this book a few years ago and to date it’s sold 567 copies! Last week I updated it and revised a few things, but mostly I added more information on how to write and execute downloadable patterns. It’s the big thing now and if you want to be in on it – this will tell you exactly how to do it. Here is the new cover –

Updated with ePattern Information

How to Write Quilt Patterns


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  1. Rita Blandin says:

    I am interested in buying your ebook “How To Write Quilt Patterns” but I would like some details on the book: i.e., how many epages; what are the chapter headings, if any; a sample page or two and anything else you can share to help me decide if the book is for me.
    Thank you.
    Rita Blandin

  2. karensaari says:

    Hi Rita, I’m happy to supply you with those details. There are 36 pages. I cover getting started in an organized way, the importance of consistency, how to use tables and diagrams, creating PDF patterns and printed patterns, the cover and back side of your pattern and a great section on tips from other designers. Here is the text from one page – I doubt the formatting will show up here.

    “Organization off and online”
    “Your design should be organized in the folder we talked about in Chapter One, and also on the computer.”
    “• Make a folder in My Documents called Patterns, or the name of your busi- ness, or whatever makes the most sense to you.”
    “• Inside that folder, make a new folder for each design, with the name of the quilt, or Quilt 1, Quilt 2 etc. In this folder you should make the following new folders:”
    “• Diagrams”
    “• Pictures (photo’s)”
    “• Directions”
    “Write down the path on your file folder Form A, so you’ll never be search- ing for that pattern again. How many times have you searched countless fold- ers, trying to remember what you named it and where you put it? Only to resort to the Search function and still have trouble finding it because you can’t remember the name?”
    “This is not a good use of your time!”
    “Time is Money!”
    “Having said all that, it is possible to”
    “be too organized on the computer. You”
    “won’t want to be clicking back and forth”
    “between a dozen folders in order to work on one pattern. But, neither do you want to open the folder your pattern is in and view the long list of .doc, .ai, .jpg, and”
    “.pdf files. It’s confusing and you can easily miss what you’re looking for.”
    “So, keep your folders to a minimum, but be sure to have enough to make it easy for yourself.”
    “You should have one portion of My Documents dedicated to your business. In this main folder named Suzy Q Designs, you’ll have folders for your patterns, your advertising, your distributors, your quilt shop accounts, information on your quilt testers and anything else remotely related to your business. If you make a habit of saving everything business-related to this Business area of My Documents, you’ll make things much easier on yourself in the long run.”
    “Organization is not something that always comes easy to creative types, but if you can manage a system of organizing everything will go faster and be easier.”

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂 Karen

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