I’m Lost in My Own Book!


One of the troubles I’m having in finishing this last book of the Spring Street Quilters series is – I keep getting lost. I can’t remember which parts were lost in The 10,000 Word Incident, and which parts remain. I’ve got too many characters to deal with and they are all clamoring for attention. I don’t know who or what to write about next – frankly, they are exhausting me.

I’m beginning to wish it was the kind of story in which I could kill off a few characters, but it is definitely not that kind of story. And no, that’s not really true. One person has died in the entire series and that was almost more than I could take – I cried through the whole incident.

When this man (in Morningshine, I won’t say his name in case you haven’t read it) died, it was an instance of my characters taking over. It was not a decision I made, it was just something that happened. My fingers took off, typing as fast as they could to keep up, and when it was over, I was indeed crying and very tired.

I love it when that happens. It’s kind of magical in a twinkling of fairy dust kind of way. If you think the writer is in control of what they write about, think again! If the characters in a book come alive to you, the reader, imagine how alive they are to me, the writer! They are in my head all the time, vying for billing. (Little people jumping up and down yelling, ‘write about me, write about me!’) I’ve found myself praying for them! What line between reality and fantasy?

Okay, enough procrastinating, on to the writing!


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