Knitting Willy Nilly

While sitting at my booth at the Mushroom Festival last weekend, I thought it would look better if I was actually using my product!  Knitters always want to know what you’re knitting. I had printed out and brought with me a very simple lace pattern for a scarf. But I couldn’t follow it and engage people at the same time. So I just started knitting willy nilly. Doing some knit stitches here, purl there, moss stitch there, a few yo’s and decreases and increases, just whatever came to mind. It turned out to be pretty fun, and it’s reversible! Who’s to say what the ‘right’ side is?

IMG_2512 copy


I find I’m liking it, it’s perfect to knit while watching a movie, or visiting with a friend. There is nothing to keep track of, and because I love the colors in my yarn – I think the scarf will be lovely.


What is your favorite thing to knit during a movie?

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