Monday Serendipity

Let’s look at our definition again – an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Do you have the gift of Serendipity?

Have you ever been in a ‘new to you’ city and you find you can spot the fabric stores, thrift stores, yard sale signs and auction notices no one else seems to see? You, my friend, are serendipitous! When you’re in a thrift store are you the one who always discovers the treasure? The box of authentic 30s fabric? The first edition of your favorite book? (Autographed of course).

I love lilac bushes, and hydrangea bushes. I started growing lilacs years ago, but moved before they could be LILAC BUSHES!!!! The other day I found out the bushes in my side yard are Lilacs! I’m so excited for them to bloom. This is my first year in this house, so all the bushes and trees are new to me.

There is a reason I’m telling you the Lilac story 🙂 While I was talking to my friend Rebecca (who is also my step daughter but already grown up) we were admiring the lilac bushes. We live next door to each other, so the bushes are on the side of my house and the back of hers. And it was at this moment that I spotted the most interesting thing I’d ever seen on the outside of a house. Or the inside for that matter.


This is sort of a picture of it, I’ll have to go over this morning and get a better picture. I wonder how I could get it off her house and onto mine? 🙂


Is this not the coolest thing? I love the part on top that you can hang things from, but that wire basket just puts it over the top!



What is your favorite bush? Have you made a serendipitous find among bushes?

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