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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Have you visited It’s one fun place. They have classes in just about every subject of interest to creative people. These are not 10 minute classes, like on some other sites. They are in-depth, but fun, classes of 1-3 days!

The best part is, if you take the class while it’s Live – it’s free. Yes, free – the entire class. After it airs live, it then goes into On Demand and there is a charge for taking the class.

When I signed up as an affiliate, I was given a class to take (my choice) and they only asked me to write a review. I chose Build a Successful Creative Blog by April Bowles-Olin.

But, I also registered for the new class in Calligraphy today and because it’s live, it’s free!

I’m not even half way into the Creative Blog class and I’ve already learned a TON! When I’m finished, I’ll post a full review.

News: When I finish the Creative Blog class, I’ll be using what I’ve learned here, and also on a new blog I have in the works. Nothing there yet, but there will be.

Do some clicking and take a free class. See what they have to offer. Regarding affiliate links: I only use affiliates I have experience with and have enjoyed their product or service.  I don’t pick new affiliates willy nilly.

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