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spending-time-quotes-The-way-we-spend-our-time-defines-who-we-are.If you saw Pearl’s comment about following, I finally figured it out. When you land on my blog, after a few seconds you’ll see a small, gray rectangle pop-up on the bottom right of the screen and it says “Follow”. Click on it and you’ll be added to the list to receive my posts in your email.

I always do this on blogs I like, because once I leave them, I generally forget to go back. I know there are techy-type solutions for this, but I am not the techy-type. This works for me.

Today, a quote on ‘time’ rather than ‘writing’. Why? Because currently, I’m just not a writer! I will be again, very soon, but right now I’m a student, a wife and a Grandma. I’m babysitting my 3 month old granddaughter until she is just a little older and can go to day care. Right now, she needs one on one attention and a day care can’t give that. This is 40 hours a week for me. Add to that two college classes and general stuff to do at home like laundry and dinner and I’m done! I’m way past done.

But what a joy it is to spend this time with my little one 🙂 She is precious, and so happy all the time. (most of the time) 🙂 This is time well-spent. I’ll admit I’m glad when her mama gets home from work, but about an hour later, I miss her. She will grow up fast, and this time right now is too important to pass up. And here is a picture of my little sweet granddaughter –


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