Playing with Photography

This is a new category for me, here at Living in Serendipity. Not new to me personally, I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager. Yup – they had camera’s back then 🙂

I’ve been taking them and loading them onto my computer and hoarding them. I’ve decided it’s time to take them out and play with them! Now that I’m living in the mountains I’m finding so many things to shoot. Even in my own yard. We head out on short drives and walks a few times a month, always taking the Chewy dog with us. He loves to swim in the creek and find new smells.

Last time we headed out, we stopped at a campground on Hat Creek. I forget what the name of it was, there are many campgrounds on Hat Creek. But there were a few small waterfalls, and I had a lot of fun. My only problem – I wore the wrong shoes for the day’s activities…


On to the water!

water3better copy







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