Printables: Mother’s Day


In this land of text’s and emails, a real, honest-to-goodness letter is hard to come by. How can it compare with Skype?

But there is something to be said for a ribbon-wrapped package of letters, in a drawer scented with lavender waiting for a rainy Saturday morning to be re-read. Lingering over the handwritten notes of loved ones is a lovely way to spend some ‘you’ time.


Flower Postcards – Print, cut into 4 cards. Use scissors with different cutting patterns.

Here is a collection of stationery, print it as you wish to use it. Or print up a pretty packet for Mom – Mother’s Day is coming you know. Don’t you want to give her something unusual? Something that can’t be purchased on the shelves of ‘big box store’?

printable stationery

This will make ‘stationery’ size paper, iike the kind we used to get in tablets. Print, cut in half. Each piece will be 5.5 x 8.5.

You can download it from Dropbox. It’s a zip file, your computer will know what to do. Just click or double click on it and the computer will do the rest. Check your printer settings – set them for fine or best, print to the edge is sometimes good. They are all black and white, but perfect for you to add a little blush pink to a rose, or some pastel green to a leaf. One is a set of postcards – 4 to a page with a small, colorful flower in the corner. Print on cardstock. I just want you to know you won’t be using a lot of ink.

littlebird copy








Some presentation ideas:

  • Print on a cream colored paper, or maybe one with some very light, small polka dots.
  • Print 3-4 of the postcards to present in a set. Add stamps, some fun gel pens and add it all to a pretty basket or box.
  • Make some envelopes from scrapbook paper, putting a fancy cut lighter piece for the addresses. And then I had to stop writing and search out some tutorials for making envelopes! I watched a dozen or so YouTube videos and found I liked this one the besttwogirls
  • Envelope tutorial
  • Pinterest Board with simply scads of ideas, templates, and too much cute stuff to be ignored.

Really! This was supposed to be a short post with a download link 🙂 It took on a life of its own and now I want to go make some envelopes!

I’d love to see what you put together. Share it with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram with #livinginserendipity attached.

Have fun!



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