Saturday Links – Hobbies

Saturday - Hobby

Oh I do love this store – too bad there isn’t one near my house. Like next door.

It’s the weekend. You should relax! Have some fun. Do your hobby. You don’t have a hobby? WHAT? We’ve got to fix that right away. Everyone should have a hobby. You should know the joy of creating something from parts and pieces.

I’m not affiliated with Hobby Lobby, unfortunately. Have you ever been there? I could spend days there (and have) visiting different departments, dreaming of the different hobbies I could take up if Mr. S wouldn’t object to losing another room in the house. He would. You, however, may need a hobby! I have way too many.

Here is a HUGE list of hobbies – if you’re looking for one.

Are you trying to find something for the man in your life? They need hobbies, too. Here are 75 hobbies for men. 

Don’t let a money issue hold you back. Here are hobbies that don’t require a second mortgage. 

Wanna be trendy? Here are the 50 most popular hobbies. Jump on board one of them.

I have a feeling your Saturday is now full! Did you get the sewing pattern or pick a hobby to try out? What was it? Nosy bloggers like me want to know.

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