Schedules, planners and dust

Planning blog calenderEarlier  I talked about having my blogging schedule all planned out, just to have the Life Dump Truck back up into my life. Since then, I’ve been trying to remember to bring that schedule back into the office. I don’t know why it was out of the office; the positive thing to focus on is that I knew right where it was!

So, now I have it sitting before me. There are six major topics and lots of specific topics under those. Now, I just need to write them. Actually, I think that will be more fun than making the schedule in the first place.

I also did a deep dusting in one of the rooms of my home. (Sneezing has been the order of the day.) And I found a list I’d been looking for. Although I love organizational tips and equipment, I, myself, am a pretty unorganized person. Ironically, this list was for some organizational ideas. Go figure. It’s now thumbtacked to my bulletin board … just waiting for me to work on it! I have many things waiting for me to work on them. Mr. S. says I don’t do a good job of prioritizing my time. He’s right, I don’t. I’m directed by my mood and undisciplined. If I feel like drawing, I draw. If I feel like sewing, I sew. How can you prioritize creative things? (I’m actually going to try to answer that question at some point.)

So, here I sit with my planner open, my blog open and I do believe it’s time to get this little show on the road!

More later,



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