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Work on my Creativity book (I call it a book, it’s really more like a workbooklet) continues at a steady pace. The more I write about being creative, the more ideas I get about it. Which is actually something I wrote in the early pages would happen to you! The more creative things you do, the more ideas you get. I think I proved my own point in some roundabout way. But if I think about it too much I end up confused.

This article I came across somehow (don’t ask me how I got there) was a lovely  confirmation of the things I’ve been writing about! Here’s a quote, but please go and read the entire post, it’s Very interesting!

So, it’s not surprising to me that recent studies are finding that complex crafting is good for mental health. The repetitive mindfulness of knitting, for example, has been likened to meditation. When 3,545 knitters were surveyed online by Betsan Corkhill, a knitting therapist, more than half of those who responded said they felt “very happy” after knitting. Many of them did it specifically for relaxation and stress relief. Those who knitted more frequently reported more mental and emotional relief than those who did it less frequently.

I have to admit I have never heard of a knitting therapist. Is she a therapist who knits? Or does she counsel only knitters? If knitting makes them happy then why would they need a therapist? Well, anyway, I think I’ll go with a therapist who knits.

Remember that knitting and similar activities are not the only way to be creative. And I’m covering a lot of that in my Workbooklet (i’m liking this name) because many people will feel turned away if they believe the only way they can be creative is to knit or fill in the blank. The trick is to find what you’re interested in, and link it with what you’re able (and want) to do.



I’m not an artist, as in painting or drawing. But I drew this on the computer and I kind of like it. You can tell what it is anyway. I don’t have the depth part down, you really can’t tell that the red thing is supposed to be a plate lol But it was fun and that’s what it was meant to be. Fun.

I’m still looking for a few volunteers. And I was thinking, maybe my volunteer doesn’t have to think herself (or himself) ‘un-crafty’ but maybe give a whole new craft a go. For instance, you’re a quilter, would you be interested in refinishing furniture?


Does knitting (or any other repetitive activity) help you to relax?

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