Serendipity: Crocheting Free Form …. uh, Forms!

I’ve been fascpodinated with the first picture in my last crocheting post, so I thought I’d try one myself! It doesn’t look hard, and it also doesn’t look like they need to be ‘exact’. So, let’s try one.

I’ve got some bulky wt. yarn and a sz J hook.  This is a small skein – rolled into a ball – of my hand dyed yarn. It was a test yarn, just to see how it worked and turned out. I figured it would come in handy for something and now it has!

So I’m going to start by making a circle, and using single crochet st, for about 5 rounds, then start decreasing to form the ‘form’…..what the heck are we going to call these things? Oh! Pods! That’s what they are – pods!

IMG_2435 So this the bottom, before I started working my way up. (I’m just going to assume you know how to crochet as I write this out.)

  • Ch. 5, form a circle. Ch 1, 10 sc in the circle.
  • Ch. 1, 1 sc in each.
  • Ch. 1, *2 sc, ch 1* around. (if it doesn’t work out perfectly, remember – this is free form)
  • Ch.1, *3 sc, ch 1* around.
  • Ch. 1, *2 sc, ch 1* around
  • Ch. 1, 1 sc in each for 2 rows.
  • Ch. 1, *5 sc, 1 dec*
  • Ch. 1, *6 sc, 1 dec*
  • Ch. 1, *5 sc, 1 dec*
  • At this point I just did random decreases to form a neck.
  • After 2-3 rowsIMG_2437 of a neck, I did 2 sc in each to form a flare at the neck top. And tied off.








If I decided to make more and create a work of art like in my previous post there are a few things I would do differently –

  • It would be shorter.
  • I would put a small ball of batting inside, as it has a tendency to collapse.
  • The neck would be a stitch or two larger.
  • And on some I wouldn’t do a flare.




What about you? Feel like whipping up a pod or two? Share your pics with us on FB!

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