Serendipity Fiber’s first Craft Show

We survived. Great way to begin a post, eh? It’s been years since I’ve done a craft show, probably close to 20. And Mr. Serendipity had never even been to one, let alone done one! Well, he may have been to one, but clearly he blocked it out of his memory. 🙂

We went to McCloud, CA, a small town sitting at the foot of Mount Shasta. This was the view from our booth –



Isn’t it just gorgeous? The weather was perfect, a little warm at times, and then a nice breeze would come up. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Here is a picture of our booth (which is not impressive) –



My ‘try out’ set up the night before, and this is the way it was. (Don’t pay attention to the wall behind the table) This is the right side of the table.


This is the left side of the table.

The first day we had one sale, which was discouraging. But on the drive home Mr. S suggested that the prices might be a bit high. Normally I would have bristled at such a suggestion 🙂 but I said I’d think about it. The next morning, when I unpacked the yarn, I cut every price by $5-6. We had … I can’t remember now, but somewhere around 5-6 sales. YAY!

In my mind, we’d paid for the space, and the canopy with a little leftover. Not bad at all for sticking your toe in the water to see how it is.

The next show I’ll do is Burney Basin Days – which is right here in town, and the craft show is pert near across the street from us! July 4-5. I have time to dye plenty more yarn and have some more variety. The more inventory you have, the more you sell.

As we left McCloud, I took one more picture of Mt. Shasta –



Good bye McCloud – see you next year!


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