Serendipity: New Flips!

Don’t you love getting packages in the mail? Isn’t that serendipity itself? oooooh a package! Even if you know what’s in it, you haven’t seen it yet – it’s a magical moment!

These are no ordinary flips, look at these!





Pretty cool but still not the reason I bought them!



Would you look at that? Am I the last person on earth to know about these? You can purchase extra and additional ‘tops’ to create an entire different style!

They are called Bandals and I purchased them from I love Zulily, I have to actually NOT LET myself go there cause I spend too much. But for 14.99 I couldn’t say no to these. And a top. But that’s all, I promise.

(When I first wrote this post I gave you the direct link to Zulily. Then I remembered they will give you a link to use so that I can earn a credit! If you visit Zulily through my link, and if you purchase something, when it ships I get credit. But the cool thing is, you can do the same thing! Go register at  Zulily, and invite your friends and get credit. It’s not a big ordeal to go through, I’ve done it before, it’s pretty slick!)



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