Serendipity: On the hunt for the so called ‘Un-Creative’ people

Do you admire creative people and their products and then say, “Oh I’d never have the patience.”

another one is

“I’m just not creative.”


“I’d never be able to do that!”

IMG_0219 copy

While it’s true that some people are born with certain talents, it’s also true that almost anything can be learned – if you want to learn it that is. I admire people who decorate cakes, especially those that are ultra-creative, but I have no desire to learn to do it for a few reasons –

  1. I don’t like to cook
  2. I’d have to purchase an entire new set of tools and supplies
  3. And – I don’t have room to do it.


Now, I’ll tell ya, if I did like to cook, those other two problems would disappear. I’d make room somewhere, and start collecting tools and supplies.

In the next week or so, we’ll be diving into the myth of un-creative (or is it non-creative?) people.

Invite your friends who lament their lack of creativity. Maybe a few of them would like to be guinea pigs? 🙂 Bring ’em on by!

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