Serendipity: When it’s not


There are delightful surprises around every corner if we look for them. However, sometimes we forget that not Everything is Serendipity.

I love cinnamon toast. It’s yummy. Last week we ran out of cinnamon, and I figured I didn’t need the calories anyway. But yesterday we went to the store and I remembered to buy Cinnamon.

There was a bowl of sugar in the cupboard, the one I had ready when I discovered we were out of Cinnamon. So, I put in the Cinnamon and mixed it, and put some on my toast. My mouth was watering!

First bite left my mouth so confused – this doesn’t taste very good – omg this tastes terrible! I ran into the kitchen and spit it out into the garbage. What was wrong with my cinnamon and sugar??

Well, someone had moved my bowl of sugar and put a bowl of salt there!!! Yes, salt and cinnamon on my toast! It’s nasty and you should never try it!

Stick with the tried and true!

P.S. After I published this post, I found the most incredible page to share with you . Serendipity indeed! 🙂  (Lace Making by Hand) 

Have you ever done this? I tried once, and didn’t get very far. This work is AMAZING!!!!


What’s the most disastrous thing you’ve done in the kitchen?

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