Sneak Peek – Excerpt from Book 3

“Stop ringing the bell, why are you ringing that bell?” Martha asked Gert, but it wasn’t Gert, it was kind of like Gert dressed up in overalls with a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Not Gert just smiled and rang the bell again.

“Oh!” Martha sat up, her eyes puffy from sleep and looked at the clock. The doorbell rang again. It was nearly seven, it must be Gordon, she’d slept for two hours! “Oh no,” she groaned. Her clothes were rumpled, her hair was flat on one side, and when she got up, her foot was asleep and she immediately stumbled into the door frame, bumping her head.

Trying to regain her sanity, but hurry at the same time, she made her way downstairs. The doorbell rang again.

“Coming!” she called out in what she hoped was a cheery voice.

It seemed an eternity, but she finally reached the door and opened it to find a nicely dressed Gordon, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Hi Mar …” his voice trailed off. “Are you okay? Martha, your head is bleeding. What happened?” He came in and ushered her to the sofa, grabbing a few tissues from the box on their way. He pressed the tissues to the knot on her head, and she instantly jerked away.

“Ouch! What …?”

“It’s okay, Martha. Just wiping up the blood, how did this happen? Did someone hurt you?” He suddenly realized there may have been an intruder, “Shall I call the police?”

“The police? Oh my goodness, no. I just fell into the edge of the door frame after I got up.” She held the tissues herself, to her forehead. “Gordon, I’m so sorry. I laid down for a little fifteen minute nap a few hours ago and slept until I heard the doorbell. I’ve never taken a nap like that, I’m no where near ready to go anywhere.” She looked at him sadly, genuinely disappointed in not being able to go out.

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