Stolen Knitting Time

Yesterday we had to go to ‘the city’ 🙂 (We live in a VERY small town) to go to the Social Security office. And you know how long you have to wait there! We did leave very early, so we could be there when they opened and as it happened I was number 2 in the door. Great!

But it’s been a long time since I’ve been to SS – they had a guard at the door, searching bags, purses … KNITTING BAGS! Seems you can knit on an airplane, but not in the SS office. Man! I was so bummed, I had planned to get quite a bit done while waiting to be called. Husband took my knitting bag to the truck, I went in and got my ‘call’ ticket, sat and twiddled my thumbs. sigh…..


My dangerous knitting bag


Cove Cardigan by Heidi May


Close-up of front leaf lace border


I love the way this color is knitting up.

I’m making Cove Cardigan by Heidi May. I love her patterns, I’ve never had one not turn out beautifully!



Have you and your knitting ever been turned away?




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