The One Where Chewy Lives up to his Name

It’s 4:45 am and Mr. S has just left for work. It’s quiet, dark and a lovely cool temperature outside. This is when I open all the windows to let all the fresh air in, but lately it’s been just a little chilly in the mornings – 44 yesterday.

The first week of June I went to the citywide yard sale with my friend Patty. We started at 7 am and were done by 2. (I told you it was a small town.) One of the things I bought – and yes, I’m ashamed to admit this – was a China-made quilt, pillow shams and decorative pillows. Well, it wsummer quiltas brand new and $15. It was the perfect summer quilt for the bed, brightened up the room considerably and despites it’s origin, I did like it a lot.

Then I noticed it was getting dingy. What the heck? Ah … it was the Chewy dog! He likes to sleep on the bed when I’m on my computer and although we do bathe him on a semi-regular basis, he likes to lay in the cool dirt. Well, he was bringing his cool dirt into the house and leaving it on my new quilt!

If you’ve ever had one of these, you know it can’t be washed very much. The seams come apart. But I washed it and then we started keeping an old throw over the new quilt – which completely defeated the purpose of having the new quilt.

chewedThen, one morning I woke up to this. It was still wet around the edges. And see how dingy it is? Yuk! I guess I got my $15 worth out of that quilt. sigh…  Mr. S is just about ready to build him a doghouse, and I have a feeling this quilt will be his new decor.

Well, on a totally different subject, I’ve got some very cool things coming in the mail this week. Here are some code words – silk, Inktense, Bare, water brush. I’m going to be trying some new techniques, which I’ll share.

Now, it’s time to go to school. This term I’m taking Desktop Publishing and Writing in Context. So far, both have been great classes and I hate to say ‘easy’ because I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’ll say they have been enjoyable.




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