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Reading a story

When I was a child and those terrible words found their way out of my mouth – “I’m bored!” my mother would say one of two things. The first one was, “Here’s a list of chores that needs to be done.” and the second one was “Only boring people are bored!”


Even as a child, I didn’t want to be boring, so I learned to entertain myself. We didn’t have a television, and there were no video games to eat up our time. Entertaining myself meant things like – reading or writing, coloring or gluing, make a collage! Playing outside, or sewing. Yes, I did learn to sew when I was 9 years old and from then on, I started making clothes. I loved artsy things from the start. My mother and her twin sister would often say, “Give Karen a project, she’ll be happy.” I think that meant I’d be quiet. (smile)

Now, as an adult, I still sew. I make clothes and quilts. I love to write. I like to play with beads and scrapbooking goodies. I do a lot of digiscrapping on the computer. I knit. In fact, I can honestly say, I am Never bored. In fact, I have more things lined up to do than I’ll be able to do in a dozen lifetimes.


When I hear women of any age complain of being bored it simply astounds me. I realize not everyone sews or knits, but those aren’t the only things to do.

And in this time of the internet, there is a never ending stream of possibilities. Groups of all kinds wait for you to join them. All you have to do is identify one area of interest and you’re set for life. If you don’t have internet – maybe somebody printed this article from their computer and shared it with you – go to the library. They don’t only have books, but video’s, DVD’s, music, computers, reference books, novels, books on tape, but if your library doesn’t have what you want, chances are they can get it from another library.

f you can’t find something you’re interested in, get involved in a charity group. They always need volunteers and you can do everything from read to someone to mow their lawn.

Waterlogue-2014-09-27-17-33-39Maybe you are a disabled person and have fallen into the train of thought that involves others doing for you. It may be true that you can’t do everything for yourself, but you can still do for others. It can be as little as writing an encouraging letter or learning to knit, like my friend Becky did. She was in a horrible car accident, and after many surgeries and doctor’s visits are truly disabled and in pain every day of her life. She now has a pain pump that controls her pain the majority of the time, but she is someone who truly needs others to do for her. One day she prayed, “Lord, what can I do that might help someone else?” Next thing you know she was learning to knit and doing charity knitting. Then she started designing sock patterns and has had some published and it has become a way for her to make a little extra money, and help others at the same time. Rarely are we so disabled that we can do absolutely nothing.

Bored people are usually more interested in themselves than anyone else. The cry, “I’m bored!” signifies that right away. Their main concern is with themselves, and if they are entertained. When we focus on ourselves, we will never be happy or content. Once you bring joy to someone else, in whatever way you are enabled to do it, you’ll rarely be crying the ‘B’ word anymore.

I would encourage you to find a way to serve others. You don’t have to go very far from home, you don’t even have to leave the house! Make it a point to bring joy to the people in your home, the people you love the most. There are many ways to do it. You know them best, what is it that would make them happy?

Go ahead and start – you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be.


 What is your solution for ‘bored-itis’?






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