Too Many Characters

Write SomethingWhat happens when you have too many characters in your book? This is what happened to me, in the third book in the Spring Street Quilters series. The first book started with 7 main characters – the quilters. And then 3 minor characters – the family down the street. Well, each quilter has their own family members, and somehow, the 3 minor characters have now become major characters and brought along their family members.

At last count, including the third book which you haven’t read yet, there are a total of 34 people running around in my book, as well as my head. There are 19 major and 15 minor characters. How did this happen? And how do I include them all, giving each one equal time? Sigh.

I did update news about 2 characters through the conversation of some other characters. I thought that was rather clever, although I doubt I’m the first to think of it.

Of the 19, only 4 are in major story lines. But I can’t ignore the other 15. I can break them down into ‘less-major’ story lines for 3 of them, and ‘less-less-major’ story lines for the rest. So, perhaps I only need to deal with 7 of them in a major way.

Thanks, that helped me a lot!

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