Wednesday Freebies

yellowlacy2 copyWrap Tote from Purl Soho.  I don’t know about you, but I use a lot of totes. For the library, trips to the park or lake, to carry my knitting with me, to carry Chewy’s stuff with us when we take him for a ride and walk… the list could go on forever! Not to mention that by the end of the year, here in California, we’ll need to take them when we get groceries as no more plastic bags will be offered.

Knit Picks always has free patterns and they’ve just added some more. I’m a big fan of Knit Picks, they have a quality product and great choices in kits and designers. And free patterns are always good 🙂

Do you Zentangle? If you do, you probably already know about this site for both eye candy and free patterns. But if you’ve been looking for a new creative outlet that requires little financial output you might try this. It’s one of those that ‘looks harder than it it’. I did it and still do from time to time.

Want some Free Education? Coursera is just one of a number of sites that partners with top colleges and universities. You have access to the same classes the students of those schools do, but you don’t receive credit. I did one of these courses before I entered Southern New Hampshire University on my way to a BA and it was fun.

watercolorDo you like to color? Yes, as in coloring books and crayons! I do – and you can find lots of free grown up coloring pages on Pinterest. I’m going to let you find these – just go to Pinterest and search for coloring pages. Sometimes I still use crayons, but mostly I use colored pencils. Something to do for stress relief and relaxation.


It’s 5am and raining! What a blessing this rain is, here in dry California. We’ve had very little. I love the sound and smell of rain, so when it’s gets light out I’ll be opening a few windows for some free rain scent!

Have a wonderful day!


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