Why do you need an editor?

chalkboard_quotes_twain-300x168The simple answer is – so you sound as smart as you are. Any time you write something that will be viewed by public eyes you’ll need an editor. You may have written it, corrected it, run spell check and asked your best friend to read it. Why would you need an editor?

Because you’re too close to it. You know what you meant to say and somehow our eyes just fill that part in. But your readers don’t know what you meant to say. It only takes one typo or misspelling to make you look unprofessional.

“How detail oriented is she/he if these kinds of mistakes are just on their blog?” a reader may rightly ask.

Things like blog posts, style guides, emails and press releases need the attention of a professional editor almost (but not quite) more than your publication does. They are the first things your reader will see and they will direct them to your book. You don’t want to lose them there; you want them to go past the initial contact so they can see (and purchase) your final product.

I know it’s an investment, but it will pay off in the end. Editing is one of the details you can’t afford to cut when budgeting your book.

A good editor will work with you to cut the costs.

  • They will send you flyers (little scraps of paper with easy to understand rules on them) in the first few chapters of your book, for you to use on the later chapters.
  • After implementing your own edits (via the flyers), a good editor will only highlight things that need changing – saving you money on a sentence rewrite.

That is, if you want to cut costs. Some authors simply want to turn their book over and have the editor do the work. The majority of editors are open to this scenario.

How do you find the right editor for you? That’s my next blog post.

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