Writing, Quilts and Fun

oliverI’m happy to report I’m the new blogger on the block at Quilting Focus! My first post appeared on March 10 and my next one will be … soon  I hope you’ll stop by and say ‘Hey!’ It’s fun to write about quilting subjects and I also plan to offer some small projects here and there. I’ll have four posts a month. Part of the fun of writing for them is knowing they are in New Zealand. I’ve seen some beautiful pictures of NZ and always thought it would be fun to visit. So, I consider myself visiting 4 times a month through the Quilting Focus blog! It’s cheaper this way, anyway.

Another fun and very useful thing I’ve done this year is join Jerry B. Jenkins writers guild. I have learned so much from the classes he holds, in the interviews he’s posted and the interaction on the forum with other writers. We talk about everything writing and have formed a score of new writer’s groups, critique groups, accountability groups – you need it, you’ll find it there. One day I posted a short scene I was having trouble with in my book, and I received some awesome feedback from the other members. The next day I woke up to find Jerry had done an in depth edit of my scene. I nearly dropped my teeth! Not that they aren’t attached, but I think if I’d opened my mouth, they would have all fallen to the floor – like a cartoon. Talk about a wow! And then, as if that weren’t enough, I asked him to clarify something and he did. OMG – he’s a real person, just like us!

If you have any interest in writing at all, next time they open for new members, join! You won’t be sorry. I’m honored to be a founding member. Currently we are having an informal short story challenge contest kind of thing – there are no prizes or first place – just something to get us writing something different. I will be posting my story here in the next few days.

Well, I believe I’ve gushed enough for one day. It’s always fun to share the good news.

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  1. Now that’s a blog, Karen. Nice.

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