Writing Your Own Patterns

patternbookHave you ever thought about writing your own patterns? If you already sell a finished product – consider writing a pattern for those who say, “Oh I could make that!” If you’ve ever done a craft show, you’ve heard it. If your finished product is a good seller, it only follows that the pattern would be too.

When I was doing craft shows, and making quilts and quilted pillows which sold very well, I came to the point where I realized my hands wouldn’t last as long as I wanted them too. A pattern was the answer. Easy, right? Sure, until you sit down to write it. Where do you start? How do I draw these diagrams? How do I explain this odd process I do to accomplish my finished product? With more questions than answers, you doodle a few things and then give up. Or you may write half of it and then head straight into a corner you can’t get out of. These are all things that happened to me when I wanted to start writing patterns.

Once I got the hang of it – after many nights of frustration, tears, paper tearing and a few ‘not nice’ words …. it finally started to make sense in my mind. So, I wrote an eBook on How to Write Quilt Patterns. I think it first came out in 2012…? Shoot, I can’t remember, but I do know I’ve sold over 600 copies. Even though the title specifies ‘quilt patterns’ it can really be used to write any kind of pattern.

In the book –

  • I go through the writing order in great detail
  • I provide worksheets for you to fill out
  • Instructions on how to create a bank of patterns you can pull from
  • Advice from other designers on pattern writing
  • A new, expanded section on selling downloadable patterns

It’s a great bargain at $10 and it is selling on Craftsy.

You know how great it is to visit one of your favorite blogs, and find they are giving away a new pattern? And you can download it right there! You don’t have to wait for it to arrive. You can do that too! Or list your patterns for sale on Craftsy. It’s easy and they don’t take a percentage or charge you to sell your pattern.

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